We would like to remind you that Pemba is very different from Zanzibar, and the people of Pemba are less exposed to tourism. Visitors to the island are kindly requested to respect local customs and beliefs. Therefore, kindly advise your clients, whilst going around visiting the sights, the dress code is to be observed with long loose dresses and trousers and to avoid shorts and minis.



The majority of hotels around Zanzibar are fairly large resort complexes but if you prefer an intimate retreat then we suggest Pemba Island.

  • Snorkeling

We supply snorkeling equipment and guides - however you may prefer to bring you own. If swimming a marine park, you will have to buy a ticket - which are usually available from the hotel or the boat captain. Snorkeling can be done at all times of the year, but conditions are considered best from December to March. The best visibility for snorkeling is at low tide just before the tide turns.

  • Scuba diving

The Indian Ocean coast features some magnificent dive sites and a wide selection of dive centres, which cater for complete beginners and experienced divers alike. It is also possible to do a ‘fun dive' where no experience is required and a guide takes you down to 6 metres. Due to the Indo-Pacific current, the Indian Ocean boasts the same fish species as Australia: manta rays; reef, hammerhead and whale sharks; turtles and multi-coloured reef fish in coral gardens. Wall and pinnacle dives with dramatic drop-offs together with wreck, drift and night drives are also offered. Divers must carry internationally recognized accreditation both PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) and BSAC (British Sub-Aqua Club) are acceptable.

  • Water sports

The Indian Ocean coastline makes the ideal water-sporting venue and the majority of resorts offer a wide range of options, which generally include any or all of the following: wind-surfing, kite-surfing, snorkelling, fun-boats and more.