This excursion consist in a 45 min boat trip by engine or 1 and half hour sailing across the Emerald Bay where you could admire the transparent waters and all tonalities of green and blue of the Indian Ocean, a spectacle of nature! Lunch will be served on the beach by our crew. Gazebo protecting from the sun will be organized on the beach with water included and beverages on request (as extra). Depart in the morning according to the tide and return late in the afternoon.






This excursion is famous for the high quality of the diving or snorkeling along the wall of this island where marine life is abundant. Misali take its name from the word carpet in Kiswahili, it is believed that the prophet use the island as carpet to pray. Depart by car from the hotel then take the boat from mkoani port, the boat trip is about 25 minutes. Break for lunch and water included. Excluded marine park fees 5 usd per person. Return to the hotel before sunset.






Kwata island:
This excursion is about snorkeling on the reef near Kwata island, it takes about 30 min by boat navigating west of Chokocho village. Lunch is served on the beach and Gazebo to protect from the sun is organized. Mineral water is included while beverages on request (as extra). Depart in the morning according to tide and return before sunset.

this excursion consist in a city tour to Mkoani, main port of Pemba. It takes 45 min by boat from Chokocho village. Upon arrival on the main port you can walk around this characteristic city. Lunch can be organized by our crew with water included. Depart in the morning back in the evening according to the tide.